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Museums of all Tastes

The Dali Museum

Visit the world's most comprehensive collection of works by the late Spanish surrealist. Come see why the Michelin Guide gave them the only three-star rating on Florida's west coast, and AOL Travel News lists the museum as "One of the top buildings you have to see before you die."  Dali's art, at once classically-based and provocatively imaginative, resonates in the geometry of the concrete and the astonishing flow of glass from the fractured center of the building. The Dali Museum is iconic and a beacon of the arts scene in downtown St. Petersburg, FL. Come sip coffee in our Wi-fi Café Gala, stroll to the center of our garden labyrinth and take a deep breath. Entertain the possibility of the fantastical as the place and the art invite you to look beyond. This place is for your use; to question, to participate, to take joy in a new experience.

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