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Meet some of the most talented chefs in the Bradenton Area, FL

Food in Bradenton Area, FL 

A Gastronomic Adventure

We all love trying new restaurants when we travel. And one thing is for sure – there is no shortage of brilliant chefs in the Bradenton Area. From New American to classic French cuisine, these restaurants deliver some of the most mouth-watering fare. Here’s a preview of some of the best around. 


For some people, eating isn’t just a pleasurable activity; it’s a transcendent experience. And I guess that’s what makes a good chef. Sean Murphy intentionally curates this experience for his guests in every way at his restaurant, Beach Bistro, located in Anna Maria Island, Florida.


Sean’s food is New American. The lamb on the menu is described as being served “Sean’s way” - on an “altar” of savory bread pudding, served with a sip of port, and finished with a port-rosemary demi-glace. Sean is also a writer, so his menus are filled with his wit, passion and prose.


The restaurant has become quite popular since it opened 35 years ago. In fact, it’s a little famous. Critics at The New York Times and Food & Wine continue to give rave reviews for Sean’s masterpiece. The menu now offers The Bistro Experience: five courses of the restaurant’s favorite mouthwatering items over the years. The first course starts with a cocktail and a sweet praline treat, “because in difficult times we should eat dessert first.


Discover new Tastes

Executive Chef Greg Harrison at Chateau 13 is no exception to this list of talented chefs here as well. Inspired by flavors from Western Europe, his menu mixes Italian, Spanish, and French into quite the masterpiece. The Three Course Chef's Prix Fixe is the way to travel through this menu, but the restaurant also offers a la carte options as well.

If you’re just in the mood for a high-quality steakhouse while in the area, then Michael John’s is where it’s at. Locals have long loved this French-influenced American restaurant because nothing can beat a Classic MJ’s Filet Mignon seasoned with herbs, pan-seared, and finished with house garlic and herb butter. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just looking for a good meal out, MJ’s consistently delivers.


If that’s not enough, the Bradenton Area has plenty of other exciting menus to explore, as the list of impressive chefs keeps getting longer. And we don’t see that changing anytime soon.

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Euphemia Haye is another restaurant in Longboat Key that you surely don’t want to miss. This award-winning restaurant offers big flavors in a small, intimate setting. Chef Raymond Arpke curates a menu where everything from the sauces to the bread is homemade, and you can tell.

The secret to this hot spot is that they also have the Haye Loft upstairs, a slightly more casual venue. Located in what used to be the apartment of the previous owner, it has a sort of bachelor pad feel to it. Home to the renowned Dessert Room, it offers a slightly more laid-back spot to enjoy the sweets that all the locals rave about.  

Chateau Anna Maria is another local favorite run by the Foy family, known for their television show featured on the Food Network called Summer Rush. First known for their restaurant The Chateau on the Lake in Bolton Landing, New York, the family recently opened Chateau Anna Maria with much success. 

With the motto “French-inspired with Italian portions,” what’s not to love? The menu mixes French flavors with a southern twist. With dishes such as truffle wild mushroom ravioli and king crab eggs benedict, you’ll have trouble deciding what to order, all while being distracted by the stunning views of the water on Anna Maria Island.

Unique Experiences

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