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Celebration of the World

Kasumi Chow Photography

The Crow Collection of Asian Art

Located in the Arts District of downtown Dallas, the Crow Collection of Asian Art is a permanent set of galleries dedicated to the arts and cultures of China, Japan, India, and Southeast Asia. The Museum offers a serene setting for quiet reflection and learning. The Crow Collection of Asian Art contains more than 600 paintings, objects of metal and stone, and large Asian architectural pieces. Over 300 works are on display in the galleries including precious jade ornaments from China, delicate Japanese scrolls and a rarely seen 28-foot by 12-foot sandstone facade of an 18th-century Indian residence. The Crow Collection is open Tuesdays–Thursdays 10:00 AM–9:00 PM, Fridays–Saturdays 10:00 AM–6:00 PM, and Sundays Noon–6:00 PM; closed Mondays.

The Women's Museum

The Women's Museum is a national center for the celebration and study of the immeasurable contributions women have made to society. Exhibits commemorate the women's movement, women in the arts, sports, and science. Inductees include Eleanor Roosevelt, Barbara Jordan, Georgia O'Keefe, Margaret Mead and others. The Museum researches, collects, and exhibits the contributions of women to the social, cultural, economic and political life of our nation in a context of world history. The museum uses innovative and engaging means including permanent and online exhibits, educational programs, and outreach efforts to communicate the breadth of women's experiences and accomplishments to the widest possible audience. The sharing of this knowledge illuminates and encourages women and men, people of all classes, races, and cultures to move into the future with respect, equal confidence, greater partnership, and opportunity.

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