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A Dog’s Guide to Braselton, Georgia

I love being with my humans as much as possible, so it’s pawsome when they take me with them on vacation. Especially because there are always new places to sniff out and new people to meet. And I love the attention I get wherever we go. (Ear scratches and treats are always welcome!) Recently, my humans took me to a place they called Braselton, Georgia. It was so much fun! There were a lot of other dogs there, too, so I made a lot of new friends. I met many friendly humans, too.  

Our first stop after we arrived was a place called Baymont Inn & Suites by Wyndham. My humans reassured me that I was welcome there. The room was clean and had a microwave, mini fridge, and coffeemaker. There was plenty of room for my doggie bed and bowls. The outdoor pool sure looked inviting, but my humans said I’m not allowed to go swimming. I saw some other dogs there, too, and everyone was so nice.     


After we dropped off our stuff, my humans walked me across the street to this huge place called Chateau Elan. This resort allows well-trained pets in certain areas, as long as they are supervised at all times and on a leash. There was so much to explore on the property and so many interesting smells. I loved it! My humans tried some wine they called muscadine. I don’t know what that means, but it smelled interesting! We stayed until after dark, then walked back to our hotel to sleep. 

After eating the complimentary breakfast at the hotel, my humans planned out our day. Instead of driving around for the day, we took the Braselton Trolley, which picked us up at Chateau Elan. I have never taken a ride like that before. The driver was really nice and scratched me behind the ears, and I got a lot of smiles and pets from other passengers. 

We got off the trolley at the town center and started wandering around. We stopped at Joy Company Market, where I played with another friendly dog named Nomi while Dad and Mom got snacks and water. Then we walked down to Countryside Antiques where Maggie, Lukka and Roxie peeked out from behind the counter to wag hello.


One of my favorite stops was Braselton Brewing Company. This place even says “Paw Approved” on the sign! While my humans sampled a flight of craft brews, I found a nice spot on the outdoor patio where I could sit and watch people playing cornhole. I also sniffed out the food – burgers and chicken and so many other delicious smells. The people who work there even gave me dog treats and water! 

As we were leaving the brewery, we noticed a lot of people and dogs wandering around the Braselton Town Green. It was the annual Pooches in the Park event! We decided to wander around and see what it was about. I got to meet so many new dogs and people. There were lots of yummy-smelling food trucks and vendors selling stuff for me. I also got to try lure coursing, and all of us got some treats – even my humans! 

After leaving downtown, my humans asked the trolley driver to make a special stop at the Braselton Mulberry Riverwalk, because we love to hike together. The trail isn’t paved and winds along the Mulberry River, taking us past gardens, a waterfall, and a monument where four counties (Barrow, Gwinnett, Hall, and Jackson) meet. I stopped a lot because there were so many interesting smells, and I saw squirrels I wanted to chase (except I was on a leash). We stopped at a nice picnic spot, so my humans could have a snack and I could drink some water. 

It was the end of a pawfect day! We took the trolley back to Chateau Elan and then went back to our hotel for the night. I had the best dreams! 

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