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Florida’s Adventure Coast

One Fish, Two Fish, Every Single Kind of Fish 

With 1,350 miles of coastline and 2,276 miles of tidal shoreline, Florida offers its anglers many opportunities to catch inshore saltwater fish throughout the year. One of our favorite fishing destinations is the vibrant coastal estuary of Florida's Adventure Coast. Fishing in this part of the Gulf of Mexico and summertime scallop diving is EPIC!

Thanks to species abundance and lack of red tide impact, it's always a good time to toss out a line. Unlike many neighboring areas where you are limited to "catch and release," get ready to "catch and keep" redfish and spotted sea trout in abundance throughout the pristine waterways.

Spend a day gliding through the region's shallow salt marshes as you hunt for Cobia, Sheepshead, and Spanish Mackerel, sight casting the crystal-clear water on a beautiful day. There's no greater thrill than to see your tantalizing bait right in front of a hungry fish and watch him chomp down. 

Florida's Adventure Coast offers endless opportunities for seasonal scalloping, grouper caught in less than 15 feet of water, snook, tarpon, and more - too much fun for just one day! Come and travel the salt marshes, head offshore, enjoy the waterways and go home with plenty of 'fish tales' and perhaps a mouth-watering fish dinner to go along with it. How sweet it is. 

The fishing experience of a lifetime and historic Brooksville are easily accessible from major highways - just 45 minutes north of Tampa and approximately 60 miles west of Orlando. A hop-skip-and-a-jump. Let's go fish!

Ghost Ship extends Florida's Adventure Coast Artificial Reef

Now here is a headline that caught my attention. With the environment a daily point of discussion and treasures such as the Great Barrier Reef in Australia in trouble - this is an inspiring story.

Florida's Adventure Coast is a coastal community with a vision. Thanks to an engaged community, a derelict vessel was transformed into a marine habitat, scuba, and fishing destination. Referred to as the "Ghost Ship," the remains of an old two-masted schooner joined the ten Army M-60 tanks that comprise Hernando County's, Bendickson Reef. "The Ghost Ship will provide a most unusual dive opportunity," said Frank Santo, Hernando County Port Authority Chairman. "It will likely recruit pelagic fish as they migrate north and south during their annual trek to and from the Panhandle. The extension of the artificial reef will give anglers a chance to hook some large and exciting fighters such as kingfish and Spanish mackerel.”

"The intent of the artificial reef program is to provide fishing, snorkeling, and diving opportunities for those that visit Hernando County and Florida's Adventure Coast." Santo said, “Sometimes Mother Nature needs a little help from her friends.”
Insider Tip: This beautiful corner of paradise offers the divers and anglers the opportunity to explore many artificial reefs located only a few miles offshore.
 Click here to see the coordinates to fishing, diving, and exploring. 

My brother-in-law Paul and I are just a tad competitive with each other, or as my wife says, we like to out-do each other. Most of our competition revolves around fishing and water sports. I suggested we hit the water and put the issue of who is the best fisherman to rest. After researching the "best in class" outdoor experiences for fishing and kayak tours, we agreed on Florida's Adventure Coast. We love the idea of combining the history of Brooksville, small-town America, while exploring the outdoors. With a choice of campgrounds, RV Parks, select service hotels and cabin rentals - Florida's Adventure Coast... here we come!


We scheduled a full-day kayak fishing trip with Fishhead Kayak Charters. We met our guide, Brian, in Aripeka, where he provided us with the right rods, reels, bait, and knowledge for navigating these waters with endless hidden bayous and oyster beds, which contain a large assortment of fish including Redfish, Snook and Trout. Game on... we are off to the races!


No matter how focused you are on fishing, it's impossible not to notice how beautiful the coastal area off of Aripeka is—wildlife, scenic views, and crystal-clear water. It wasn't long before I hooked a 22-inch redfish, and Paul, a beautiful spotted sea trout. The most exciting part about kayak fishing these clear waters was the ability to spot a fish, sneak up on it (thanks to Brian), and cast a line right to the fish. Next it’s chomp, hook, reel, and say cheese. 


I don't want to embarrass anyone about the outcome of our friendly competition, but let's say we both felt like winners thanks to Brian and the perfect days we had in Florida's Adventure Coast.

Kayak Fishing is the Way to Go on

Florida’s Adventure Coast

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