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Cast Your Line in the New Smyrna Beach Area for the Ultimate Fishing Trip

The New Smyrna Beach Area is a fisherman’s paradise. Both fresh- and saltwater species abound, and numerous fishing shops and outfitters are available to meet the needs of all levels of anglers. Make sure to consult the state’s regulations before setting out, and, most importantly, have fun!




A Fun-Filled Memorial Day Weekend in the New Smyrna Beach Area

Where better to kick off summer than in the New Smyrna Beach Area? With miles of sandy beaches and trails to explore, numerous waterways to paddle along, and beautiful wildlife to observe, as well as some thrilling and interesting indoor destinations, this area provides numerous opportunities to learn, relax, and just have fun over the holiday weekend.

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Vacation Sustainably in the New Smyrna Beach Area

You do your part in your day-to-day life to live lightly: you collect your recyclables, you use energy-saving appliances, and perhaps you even eschew using your car for short trips, choosing to bike or walk instead. You can continue with your sustainable lifestyle while vacationing in New Smyrna Beach, thanks to the work of various businesses toward the goal of minimizing their impact on the environment and local culture, so the treasures you’ll find in this part of Florida will still be there for generations to come.



Let’s Go Surfin’ Now: Catching Waves in New Smyrna Beach

With its 17 miles of white sandy beaches, it’s no wonder that the New Smyrna Beach Area is among the top surfing destinations on the East Coast. This small-town area with big-city amenities offers surfers at all levels the chance to catch the ultimate wave.



Making Summer a Blast in the New Smyrna Beach Area

The New Smyrna Beach Area is perfect for children to have fun in the sun, make new friends, and build memories to last a lifetime. With limitless options for adventure, parents can find activities to suit all kids. 


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