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Shopping in Braselton

When you’re young, it’s hard to understand why your mom always loved antique shopping so much. But as you get older, you start to appreciate the objects that have a little age to them. Before you know it, you’re saying things like “they sure don’t make things like they used to anymore.”

A great place to get your antique-shopping fix is the picturesque town of Braselton. Home to the Brastelton Antique & Artisan Festival, the largest antique festival in Northeast Georgia, Braselton is known for its unique antiques and high quality artisan goods. Twice a year – usually in April and October – the town hosts around 300 vendors from all over, who sell anything from vintage furniture to handcrafted pottery.

Aside from this popular festival, the town also has a plethora of stores open all year round designed for your shopping pleasure. And better yet, almost all of them are located in historic Braselton buildings, making your shopping experience all the more exciting. Here are a few to check out.

Countryside Antiques is the local hotspot that puts on the Brastelton Antique & Artisan Festival each year. You’ll love that it’s located in the historic old grammar school building, which gives it the small town charm you know you need. If you enjoy searching for vintage jewelry that has a story to tell, then this is a good place to start.

A Flea An’tique is a family-owned business run by Aunt Bee, and it is sure to make you feel like family when you walk inside. It’s located in the old sewing factory of downtown Braselton, quite fitting for a store that carries vintage handcrafted goods. With over 80 antique dealers, you’re bound to go home with something special.

What’s better on a Saturday afternoon than browsing for old-fashioned furniture to add to your home? House of Boykin is the furniture store you’ve been waiting for. It’s located in an old Braselton family home, and carries some of the most unique consignment furniture out there. Whether you’re looking for dining room chairs or a side table that you just won’t find at Target, this is the spot to go.

Though it isn’t vintage, Sue’s pottery has just as much character and beauty as it would if it were made 50 years ago. Located in a lovely, small, white cottage, her shop is open by appointment only, where you can come buy unique dishes, cups and decorative pottery she crafts herself. Sue also hosts fun classes, such as Mud Therapy, where you can learn how to make your own beautiful treasures.

Don’t worry; Braselton has more shopping to offer than just vintage finds. In fact, the Naked South Boutique is quite the opposite. Filled with high-end women’s fashion, this little trendy shop is a local favorite for modern clothing, shoes and jewelry.

The only thing vintage at the Chateau Elan gift shop is the aged wine, but if you visit Braselton, you can’t leave without some. This award-winning winery has some of the best tasting blends around. And on top of that, their gift shop carries stunning glassware and décor that would add some much appreciated French style to any home. Make sure to put this at the end of your shopping list, because you’re clearly going to want to finish your day with a smooth glass of their finest.

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