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Gordon County, GA

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Sunflower Fields Forever

Each summer, the energy level in Calhoun, Georgia, picks up. The extra buzz around the city, which is known for its history and natural beauty, is generated by the annual Copper Creek Sunflower Festival.


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A Tourism Rock Star – The ROCK Garden in Calhoun, GA

It’s very rare when you visit a tourist attraction that surpasses your expectations. So many “hidden gems” are hidden for a reason. However, the ROCK Garden in Calhoun, Georgia is one of the most unique, inviting places I’ve seen in a long, long time. This spectacular and unique garden is overflowing with miniature structures all made of rocks, art, and other building materials. Simply put, you haven’t seen anything quite like it before. 


the pocket (1).jpg

Family Time…in The Pocket

The Pocket at John’s Mountain is located in Gordon County; Georgia (just northeast of Rome). It is a part of the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests. The drive to The Pocket and John’s Mountain is beautiful and scenic. The kids counted all the deer and turkey they saw along the way. We wondered why the area was called The Pocket…and then when you get there, it makes sense: It is a pocket of low-lying land that is surrounded by steep mountains.




Christmas Parade - FFA Float.jpg

A Gordon County Christmas

There’s nothing quite like a small-town Christmas Parade. It’s not just a way to celebrate a holiday, it’s a happening…a community event that celebrates the holiday, provides a sense of community, and celebrates a way of life much different from the big cities.

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Honoring a Musical Pioneer – the Roland Hayes Museum at the Harris Arts Center

Roland Hayes was born in 1887 in Curryville, Georgia. Roland’s parents were tenant farmers on land where his mother had once been a slave. As a young boy, Roland became immersed in traditional gospel music and learned them at the feet of church elders. His life was transformed when he heard a recording of Enrico Caruso. From that time forward, Roland created new arrangements of the timeless songs, touring churches and performance halls around the country.



Step Into History at the New Echota State Historical Site

Summertime is family time. We like to spend time together having fun and doing things together that build memories for a lifetime. We do that by going to the beach, hiking through nature, and visiting historic sites that not only educate, but help us understand the world around us.


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