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This Is The Top Trending Travel Destination For Millennials In 2019

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

If your 2019 New Year's resolution list included the item "travel more," you may have already begun thinking about where you want to go. Unsurprisingly, given that traveling more is one of most common New Year's resolution made annually, you're not alone. According to Hopper, an app that analyzes plane ticket prices and alerts travelers when they should buy, many prospective travelers have already begun to track 2019 airfare to specific destinations through the Hopper app — Yep, even though we're just two days into the new year. By analyzing these airfare watches set by Hopper's majority-millennial user base, it was able to see which travel destinations are the most popular among millennials in 2019.

Hopper data shows that so far the top trending travel destination for millennials this year is Bora Bora. This breathtaking island with its iconic over-water bungalows has increased in popularity by 24% in 2019, according to Hopper. That may mean more millennial travelers will be heading there this year than ever before.

Though it's hard to imagine a more ideal place for a relaxing vacation, Bora Bora isn't the only location trending among millennials this year. The other top trending spots span a variety of destination types, from beach-y to snowy, from urban to rural, and everything in between. Hopper reports that the nine destinations whose popularities have increased the most in 2019 after Bora Bora are St. Martin; Aspen; Denpasar, Indonesia; Kahului, Hawaii; Dublin; St. Lucia; Tokyo; Palm Springs; and Anchorage.

It looks like many millennials are determined to make good on their New Year's resolution to travel more in 2019, and they're making it count by choosing some seriously enviable destinations.

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