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Smyth County, VA


‘Fall’ in Love with Smyth County

While any month of the year is a good time to head to the picturesque mountains around Smyth County, Virginia, the fall holds a special appeal. There is no denying the county in the southwestern part of the state amps up the colors from late September to early November.



Get Your Motor Runnin’

Smyth County’s winding mountain roads are a must-do for motorcycle enthusiasts. Its series of well-designed loop trails offer mile after scenic mile of riding through mountains and forests, along high-altitude lakes, and to quaint, history-rich small towns. This three-day itinerary takes you along the trails as you explore Smyth County and other parts of this beautiful region.



A Fishing Scene to Shout (and Trout) About

Matt Reilly is one of those lucky people who has turned a hobby into a job. An avid fisherman for the past two-plus decades, he started Matt Reilly Fly Fishing in 2018, and has been taking clients on fishing excursions in the Smyth County area ever since.

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