by Smoky Mountains NC Host 


You Don't Need a Sleeping Bag

Just because you are in the mountains doesn't mean you have to bring a sleeping bag. See what Smoky Mountain Modern and Watershed Cabins have to offer to help make your stay perfect. 



A Land Rich in Culture

This land is old with a deep history just waiting for us to discover. Cherokee and the Blue Ridge National Heritage Area are more than happy to share what they know.


Playtime is All the Time

You are on vacation, so make the most of it. Smoky Mountains has a neverending list of things to do and discover, make sure to take advantage and have fun!



A Breath of Fresh Air

If you came to Cherokee County looking for outdoor time, you came to the right place. From exciting ziplining to peaceful fishing, we got you.

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Gorgeous Views, Memorable Vacations

If you came here with a camera and a mind hungry for scenery, you made the right choice. Graham County has plenty of gorgeous views for you.


Blue Ridge Beauty

The Blue Ridge Parkway has incredible memories to offer. Immerse yourself into these beautiful trees and wake up to its morning birds. From 200 year old cabins to mountain meadows and break-taking trails, these lands are just perfect to explore. 


Memories in Highlands

Highlands is one of the most unforgettable towns anywhere. You cannot find this abundance of waterfalls, opportunities for shopping, and surreal mountain experience anywhere else. There is a reason why they are "The Height of Happiness".



Treasures Above and Under

There is nothing like discovering precious treasure with your own hands. Mason's Mine helps you do just that, and Ruby City Gems helps you wear it! Not feeling like digging some? Then feel free to hike the Appalachian Trail for other types of treasures. 




in Every Corner

Perfect for family trips and cultural awakening. There is nothing like experiencing this land's history and music. Hayesville and Brasstown connect with you.