by Braselton, GA 


Indulge in our Flavors

Trade in traffic for open roads, smog for fresh mountain air, and building views for vineyard vistas. Just an hour away from the hustle and bustle of Atlanta, French Country meets the Georgia Mountains in Braselton. Come eat and drink your way to relaxation with this easy getaway. 


Celebrate Your Soulmate

When my best friend, Ashley, asked me to be her maid of honor I vowed to her that from this day forth I would help her with all the wedding details until the day she said I do. Little did I know how much fun it would be planning a destination wedding in Braselton, GA.

Take Some "You" Time

Shake off the big city hustle and bustle. Step into countryside views where French Country meets the Georgia mountains in Braselton, Georgia. Just an hour commute from the major hub of Atlanta, see why visitors are finding sanctuary in this quaint, Southern vacation town.


Racing Adventures


If excitement wells up in your chest when you hear the roar of an engine and your heart skips a beat with the wave of a checkered flag, schedule your next getaway to an unlikely location that’s all about speed—Braselton, GA.

Downtown Braselton

If you’re looking for that small town vibe with a little something extra, Braselton surely delivers. Just hop on that trolley and enjoy the ride. 


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Want travel news?